Flowers are in a vase - 1 (Code: S-129)

Price: 74.00 грн
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The size, sm: ширина 170 мм х высота 400 мм
Color amount: 15
Technique: beadwork
Subjects: still life
Product: Schemes for embroidery beads
Kit contains: Schemes for embroidery beads (Satin), Instructions, Card of recommended beads Preciosa colors, The number of beads and weights in grams is indicated
beadwork: part of the picture is embroidered
Fabric: Gabardine
Additional characteristics: Ткань для вышивания с нанесенным рисунком-схемой (габардин), Инструкция, Карта рекомендованных цвето
Country of brand registration Ukraine : Украина
Manufacturer country Ukraine : Украина